Reminder: You Are Courageous

Online Gathering

REMINDER: YOU ARE COURAGEOUS was birthed out of an encounter, where God's heart and voice resonated loudly for His people, all around me. The Holy Spirit gently whispering and loudly thundering all at once

REMEMBER!!!!! YOU are courageous!” 

You weren’t born to hide. You were born to shine & you were born to do great things as you follow Him. Fear has kept you hidden and contained, fear has kept you in chains and shame. This is the time to arise and shine and stand courageously because of WHO you live in and who lives in you —

Our beloved Jesus! 

This 6-hour free online event (details below) will be a time of significant encounter with Jesus, deliverance, impartation, freedom, clarity, confirmation and activation.

Hear the Spirit speaking...


You were born for such a time as this. 

Hope you can join us! 


6 Hours with 12 Speakers

FREE Online Event

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This event was livestreamed and recorded on:

Tuesday, 2 November 2021


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