Women of Wonder

Sitting at the feet of Jesus, Standing as warriors.
For the audience of One.

God is raising up a company of women whose hearts are burning for Jesus. They are fierce in their devotion to Him. They are relentless in their faith. They sit at His feet and stand as warriors.

They are ones that find their strength at the feet of Jesus. Their lives are marked by the wonder of who He is. They are unapologetically who they are and what they carry. They live in freedom and awakening in their identity. They live immersed in the love of God and live before an audience of one. They have gone through fire and not been burned, but have found a fourth man in the fire. They live in wonder of who He is.

Now, they go forth – empowered, strengthened, fortified and free to run – with Him like never before.

It is time for the warrior to arise within you as you sit in wonder at the feet of Jesus.


$50 USD*

We are offering this course at a special rate of $50 USD.

*Transaction and bank charges may apply if you are registering outside of the USA.


Adelaide, Australia dates and times have been used.

The Livestreaming of Women of Wonder will commence on Tuesday, 13 July 2021 10.30 am, Adelaide Australia time. The 15 sessions will be Livestreamed every Tuesday, with the final session on Tuesday, 12 October 2021. Three of the weeks will have an additional session on Thursdays.*

All Livestream sessions will be recorded and available to watch following each session.

Please scroll down below for the schedule and some frequently asked questions.

*there is a two-week break in September 2021. The schedule may change, subject to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Any changes will be communicated to students in advance.


Please scroll down for the Livestream schedule and some Frequently Asked Questions.



All sessions will be Livestreamed at 10.30am Adelaide, Australia Time.


For the exact time of your location, we recommend using the Time Zone Convertor tool.


There will be no Livestream sessions during the first two weeks in September 2021. (Lana Vawser Ministries will be hosting the Burning Ones Conference during this period.)




10.30am ACST
11.00am AEST
9.00am AWST


6.00pm PDT
8.00pm CDT
9.00pm EDT

Week 1

Session 1

Tuesday, 13 July

Monday, 12 July

Week 2

Session 2

Tuesday, 20 July

Monday, 19 July

Week 3

Session 3

Tuesday, 27 July

Monday, 26 July

Week 4

Session 4

Tuesday, 3 August

Monday, 2 August

Week 5

Session 5

Tuesday, 10 August 

Monday, 9 August 


Session 6

Thursday, 12 August

Wednesday, 11 August

Week 6

Session 7

Tuesday, 17 August

Monday, 16 August


Session 8

Thursday, 19 August

Wednesday, 18 August

Week 7

Session 9

Tuesday, 24 August

Monday, 23 August

Week 8

Session 10

Tuesday, 31 August

Monday, 30 August

No Livestream sessions on 7 & 14 September (AU) | 6 & 13 September (USA) 

Week 9

Session 11

Tuesday, 21 September

Monday, 20 September

Week 10

Session 12

Tuesday, 28 September

Monday, 27 September


Session 13

Thursday, 30 September

Wednesday, 29 September

Week 11

Session 14

Tuesday, 5 October

Monday, 4October

Week 12

Session 15

Tuesday, 12 October

Monday, 11 October


Frequently Asked Questions

How can ensure I'm registered for the Livestream?

Register before the start date, or anytime during the period when Livestream takes place to join us for these sessions.

What if I can't make the Livestream sessions or miss some of them?

All the Livestream sessions are recorded and will be available after each session.

If you cannot join us for any of the sessions or would like to re-watch any of them, you can do so by going to the session page.

Where can I watch the Livestream?

At the set date and time, the session will be available to access via the Teachable platform.

How can I participate in the chat during the Livestream?

A YouTube link will be provided on Teachable before the session begins.

To participate and comment not the Live chat, a YouTube account is required. It is free to sign up. However, if you choose not to sign up, you can still follow along with the chat during the Livestream without contributing.

Is there a time limit to complete the school?

There is no time limit or restrictions to complete the sessions. All the sessions will remain available on this Teachable platform after all Livestream sessions have taken place and recorded. You can complete the sessions at your own pace.

Can I still sign up after the Livestream sessions have started?

Yes, you can register at any time.

If you have any further questions regarding Women of Wonder Online School, please send us an email at [email protected]